Band Names Poem.

As I Lay Dying you Bring Me the Horizon.
We Haste the Day in the month of Mae with it’s Hot Hot Heat In Fair Verona.
MewithoutYou is like a Panic at the Disco, and She Wants Revenge at the Taste of Blood.
 Underoath we speak of our Mindless Self Indulgence and Embrace the End with Good Clean Fun.
A One A.M. Radio speaks of The Fall of Troy and Common Heroes eat their Cake while the Cold War Kids get nothing but Coldplay.
The Blow From Autumn to Ashes makes a Blur causing the Broken Social Scene to become an Outkast,
In The Velvet Underground Pedro the Lion sleeps with a Modest Mouse and Refused to sing in Deftones about All That Remains.
The Ghostland Observatory is filled with The Gossip that Adam and His Package are Totally Rad!!!
Dr. Dog discusses his thoughts to Dr. Acula and they Converge on their Dillinger Escape Plan,
Drop Dead Gorgeous Daughters speak to The Blood Brothers while smoking Morning Glory.
A Ghostface Killa hops the Gravy Train and yells, “I’ll See You Next Tuesday
It is then he returns and Saves the Day.
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Movie Title Poem.

Punch Drunk Love is only Love the Hard Way,
And this Hype causes Antitrust with your American Beauty,
Seven Psychos Saw a Secret Window which led to the Way of the Gun,
The Usual Suspects have caused you to be Unfaithful,
And an Almost Famous Girl Interrupted Traffic in your Garden State,
Your Requiem for a Dream has caused an Outbreak in your Vanilla Sky,
Suicide Kings become Lords of Dog Town,
And Swing Kids dance a Cabaret With Honors,
Lady Constantine sings in High Fidelity making a Butterfly Effect in The Rules of Attraction,
The Shining Boogie Nights become a Point Break in The Land Before Time,
The Outsiders GO Trainspotting while Matchstick Men play Dirty Dancing in the Brokeback Mountain.
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The Human Face, Divine.

It is all done wrong, or so it appears. It is all done right.
Eternal eyes.
I am pressing on, no matter how it looks.
I am pressing on, no matter how it looks.
It is all planned out.


Lay your hands on your mouth.
I don't want to hear it.
Your cursed tongue.
It is all planned out.
This is greater than you (this is greater than you).
This is greater than me.


Increase time and it's all falling into place.
I don't care about surroundings.
I don't care about the way it looks.
I don't care about wicked words.
I don't care about desire.
I don't care because it is a waste of my time.
It is all planned out.


Don't sell out.
It all comes to these words, a battle field inside my mind.
Shall I take her or leave her.
I will set my sites north.
Increase time and it's all fall

I will not curse my tongue.
I will not feed it doubt.
I will not be cursed by doubt or a concubine wife.
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You tell me...

So for those of you that have known me for any period of time have seen me acquire quite a bit of facial jewelry...
And I've always said, "I don't care what people think!" and "It's my body and I'll live how I please..." etc  etc...
But, for the past few months it has very often become a topic of discussion for adults who are not used to seeing this sort of thing. Some good, some bad. But, as for the people that matter the most to me they see it as "A mask I hide behind" or a "FUCK YOU!" to anyone that doesn't like it...Which is not where my heart or mind is at all...I feel like people should be more open to the fact that it's something new to them, and that just because "They never had that when they were young" doesn't make me less of a person. Or the stereotype that people with piercings must be assholes...

Anyways, what I'm getting at is...Am I hurting myself or anyone else by having them? Is it really that big of a deal? Because how I feel about them right now is I'd rather take them all out then hear the words I heard today...But, at the same time I feel like I would only be removing a part of what I feel is my own right to be, as Hannah.

I don't know...?

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